$500,000 Monster Pickup Truck With 6 doors

Publisert 4. mars. 2021
This pimped out pickup truck from International has 6 doors, 65 inch tyres and costs half a million dollars 😱🤯
Thanks to:
@z7_supercars from Q Motors
@sergi.galiano from @Car Wars
@x3tetyana - Tetyana
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  • Thanks team!! 🙌🙌 loved the vid

  • Monstrous 😮😍

  • Cool truck but those are not 65" tall tires dude not even close

  • hey i loved everything on that truck and my dad could drive that

  • Es una porquería ocupa más espacio de lo que tiene para mi gusto le pongo 3 de calificación

  • The Perfect vehicle for the Zombie Apocalypse 🧟‍♂️

  • 갖고싶다!!!

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  • Nvvm

  • I would buy this truck for a male in homeland security. Take care of a brother, if he's ever been of any help toward my life.

  • Дикари.....)

  • That girl is pretty

  • This is the crazy truck I ever see

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  • Or just call it a bus

  • This looks like the FORD F-650

  • "You can fit so much in there ..." ... Thats what she said 😏😏😏😏😏

  • That’s a BAD ASS TRUCK !!!!

  • That's Ford?

  • Post Malone will love this

  • Customer at the dealer "Hey so what's the MPG?" Salesmen "You have to get our fuel tank storage upgrade in the back" Customer -__-

  • thats not a 65 inch tire

  • Linda camionete

  • 뭐야?탱크야?

  • Just found this channel and loving it. That truck is a monster. Fancy upsetting the peeps at the shopping centre hehe. Great video thanks.

  • It's really good to use if there were zombies in the earth

  • Moussa

  • Very nice car 🙏🙏🌹🌹

  • WOOWWW....

  • Pretty sure those aren't 65 inch tires. A quick search online shows Tetyana's height at about 5'4"-5'5", which would be the same as 65". She's clearly much taller than those tires. Those are probably more like 46-48 or something. Plus, I think the biggest street-legal tires are the 58's from Mickey Thompson.

  • I was on edge when he called the 49" tires 63"s but then when the f650 comment and I was out. Cool rig, wish it was reviewed by people who know this type of rig

  • Beautiful 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Actually you can drive this on a regular license if you register it as a motor home

  • it's really loud


  • great

  • great

  • She just say 6” is huge ??......😏

  • Please tell me the price of this car I need it

  • wow ... , whole neighborhood could go camping in one truck 😊

  • 😍😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • ឡាននេះទំនើបម្លេះ។

  • Hahaha great

  • Офигенная фигня!

  • join us

  • wow

  • bottom out

  • _So it can be any _*_Blondie_*_ covering the vehicle's information._

  • hello supercar Blondie i know you might not reply me but if you do i wanna say that i love what your doing i also love cars but i don't have one and i really wish to i love BMW M4 and MK7R i wanna be where you are now but i don't know how i need your help please 😭 if you accept to help me please reply me back and god bless you

  • Ok, I'm not mad at her, she was like you can't get one because you not blonde and a hot chick, go with that reverse sexism and do you, I ain't mad

  • DEAR SANTA ....

  • Hulk wow

  • Girl is yours governed

  • That’s a tiny dick truck

  • car name?

  • Left a like for this awesome truck

  • semi-truck을 cutomized한 것 인가요? 멋집니다. It's great tho :-)

  • A car like this that my country doesn't have. I am Thai.

  • Boa tarde FIRST vai amém BOM 👌💪😷

  • Valla bindinmi böyle arabaya bine eksin varlığa darlık olmaz 3 günlük dünya

  • wow cool truck how did you buy that

  • we all know no buddy will take it to off road but this is sick

  • Good🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • ". . . and a bull bar there . . . " points to the roll-over cage, yep.

  • S please your contact number

  • မိုက္တယ္

  • Flatter than a 2×4

  • Nice car

  • Imagine this as your daily driver and parallel parking this 5 days a week for work in LA.

  • Actually, I have been using klaxonstools for s while now. They have no issues at all. They are so legit

  • Super Truck, or SUV. Very nice modification. If I owning this truck, I would remove the truck bed. And get some more modification on the section of the truck bed. Right now not matching well with the front.

  • Jeeper Creeper car

  • Didn’t even wait for the glow plugs to turn off. 🤦‍♂️

  • If it is rated at 26,000 gvw or under, airbrakes or nor, a CDL is NOT required to drive it. It is not a commercial vehicle. Ever wonder about he the big diesel pusher motor homes that are not CDL required as well? Same thing, only way over 26k gvw, but built as a "private coach.. ..

  • Does the Ukrainian toy come with the truck?

  • Ima get 28 of em

  • When a hummer evolves

  • Batu ya mbongo n'a RDC baza te car yang'oyo ba somba to ndima b'ango ba mbakasa

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  • Фак тена

  • And when you see me walking picture I can fly driving that future car that's hidden behind the creators eyes toss and turn I'm in your mind💭💭💭💭

  • Omg, klaxonstools just got me money to get myself a car

  • 👌👍😷

  • I want one

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  • Greta hates this ^___^

  • Tz

  • Try parking that in NYC

  • Also vehicles that big have air brakes. Need a CDL to operate vehicles with air brakes. The H.P. is not a big deal the torque is the big deal on diesels.

  • This one is superb.. Good for a family or group of friend for an out of town trip. Its spacious looks comfortable and a heavy duty one.

  • Cool vehicle but not something I'll ever want to own even if I had the money.

  • Your supposed to punch that gas🙉🙉

  • Not a pick up truck lol no pleb could drive this even with the auto. 😝 most couldnt even get out park haha

  • Is it American made

  • How much money does it cost

  • So it's a small semi.

  • Some people just want to feed the ego and don't care about anything else monster ego truck

  • Something is missing. Yes, the nitro booster